"Waiting For The Dawn" is finally out today! Pick it up at iTunes now for
only $7.99. http://smarturl.it/iWaitingfortheDawn If you already bought the
“Love’s Not Dead” EP, you can complete-your-album for only $3.94! The album is available in many of your local record stores, and some Best Buy stores, too!! We’re honored to share it with you and thank you endlessly for all your support. Love from The Mowgli’s <3

We are also live chatting at 6pm Pst tonight (Tuesday night), so please hit
this link to talk to us as we sit on the porch and sing a couple of songs.

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    This band is the epitome of peace, love, and happiness! Listen to them! I got to see them just yesterday!!! Front row at...
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    YOU GUYS. Please take my advice and listen to this fabulous band.
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    If you haven’t heard anything from this band yet, I suggest you do! Their music is awesome and they are just a group of...
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